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These photographs are part of a new project titled This Moment In Time.

For more information see my web site: www.jcourtneywhite.com


My Bio: I'm a former archaeologist and Sierra Club activist who dropped out of the ‘conflict industry’ in 1997 to cofound the Quivira Coalition, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to building a radical center among ranchers, conservationists, public land managers, scientists and others around practices that improve economic and ecological resilience in western working landscapes. I served as Executive Director of Quivira for fifteen years before becoming its Creative Director. In 2016, I left Quivira in order to concentrate on writing and photography. I am the author of Revolution on the Range (Island Press), Grass, Soil, Hope (Chelsea Green), The Age of Consequences (Counterpoint Press) and 2% Solutions for the Planet (Chelsea Green). I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with my family.